Since 2011, Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace (GHIM) has helped thousands of Georgia residents find the best rates offered by participating private health insurance companies through the Affordable Care Act.


Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace (GHIM) provides Georgia residents with the ability to Get a Quote and Enroll in either an ON-Exchange or an OFF-Exchange federally approved Qualified Health Plan available in the state of Georgia.

This service is provided through a federally approved and federally integrated “Enrollment Partner Website” licensed to Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace (GHIM) by QUOTIT.

When a Georgia resident clicks Get a Quote and Enroll this secure federally approved and federally integrated system will ask the Georgia resident to complete the following:.


  1. Complete a short simple form that asks for Zip Code, Household Size and Annual Household Income (before taxes)
  2. Your answers on that form determine whether or not your household qualifies as ON-Exchange (Eligible for Assistance) or OFF-Exchange (No Assistance)
  3. Complete a longer form asking you which household members are to be insured (Answer this form carefully and completely)
  4. If your household qualified for ON-Exchange, a display of plans will appear with your monthly assistance “estimate” already calculated in.(NOTE: If your household was found to be OFF-Exchange, you will see a different display showing plans/quotes without subsidies).
  5. A display of SILVER plans/quotes will display first. However, Georgia residents should also navigate to the more affordable BRONZE plans/quotes
  6. After you have chosen a plan, click “Add to Cart/View Cart/Check Out” (you do not pay; your company will bill you later)
  7. You'll create a security question/answer and create a Password. Please remember it.
  8. You'll click Resume Eligibility and be directed to (OFF Exchange does not go to
  9. At, you will create a marketplace account with a user name and password (if you don’t already have one)
  10. You will be asked to verify your identity. This is for your protection to safeguard your personal information.
  11. If you had or have a 2016 (or earlier) marketplace application, your previously submitted application information should re-populate with a prior application number. It is extremely important for you to revise the prior application, particularly you household income, for a 2017 application.
  12. If an existing or prior marketplace application is not found, you will start a new application.
  13. Carefully review and edit ALL re-populated information (particularly the household income section)
  14. Once completed, review your application and agree to the conditions and sign it electronically
  15. A screen will appear showing Review Eligibility Results
  16. You MUST download your Eligibility Results before you can go any further.
  17. You will then return to the same screen and you will click Return to Enrollment Partner Website
  18. You will return back to the Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace’s QUOTIT Enrollment Partner Website where you will see if the original “estimated” cost of the original plan you chose is still the same. Your plan cost would change only if you changed household size and/or household income or other pertinent information on your application.
  19. Choose your original plan or change to a different plan altogether and then click “Add to Cart/View Cart/Check Out” (you do not pay; your company will bill you later).
  20. You'll sign electronically and access your confirmation and your chosen insurance company will bill you later.

10 Things every Georgia Resident should know
BEFORE they Get a Quote and Enroll

  1. Your rate is based on zip code, county, household size and household income.
  2. Your household size means how many family members will be on your 2017 tax return, NOT how many will be insured.
  3. Your household income means the gross (before taxes) estimated 2017 household income (the tax return you do in 2018).
  4. Your 2017 household income may come from one or more sources such as: full time job(s), part time job(s), social security, pension, 1099 work, net self-employment income, net rental income and other reportable 2017 income sources.
  5. Many Georgia families DO qualify for monthly financial assistance to offset their monthly cost:

    Family size of 1 with yearly income between $11,880 - $46,000 (Incomes higher than this are OFF Exchange)
    Family size of 2 with yearly income between $16,020 - $63,000 (Incomes higher than this are OFF Exchange)
    Family size of 3 with yearly income between $20,160 - $79,000 (Incomes higher than this are OFF Exchange)
    Family size of 4 with yearly income between $24,300- $96,000 (Incomes higher than this are OFF Exchange)
  6. Unfortunately, families with yearly income LOWER than those STARTING amounts above will NOT receive a monthly subsidy. This is because the State of Georgia does not participate in “Expanded” Medicare for adults.
  7. Any family with yearly income HIGHER than those ENDING amounts will enroll OFF Exchange. (NOTE: The process for OFF Exchange consumers is much shorter but insurance companies require those OFF Exchange to upon application make immediate payment to their chosen insurance company. Georgia residents (both ON Exchange and Off Exchange) never pay Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace (GHIM)
  8. The 2017 Open Enrollment Period is short. If you fail to enroll by these dates, you may remain uninsured throughout 2017. 

    If you Enroll/Re-Enroll between 11/1/2016-12/15/2016, your plan starts 1/1/2017
    If you Enroll/Re-Enroll between 12/16/2016-1/15/2017, your plan starts 2/1/2017.
    If you Enroll/Re-Enroll between 1/16/2017-1/31/2017, your plan starts 3/1/2017.
  9. 2017 federal fines for not enrolling are $695/adult plus $295/child or 2% of household income (whichever is greater).
  10. There are 3 types of plans offered by each participating private insurance company in Georgia: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze plans are lowest priced with the highest co-pays/deductibles. Gold plans are the highest priced with the lowest co-pays/deductibles. It’s important to know this about Silver plans.

    Silver plans are middle priced with medium co-pays/deductibles and for families with certain incomes, Silver plans may offer lower co-pays/deductibles than even the Gold plans.

    Family size of 1 with yearly income between $11,880 - $29,699
    Family size of 2 with yearly income between $16,020 - $40,049
    Family size of 3 with yearly income between $20,160 - $50,399
    Family size of 4 with yearly income between $24,300- $60,749

Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace (GHIM) helps Georgia residents throughout the year. In Georgia, representatives granted permission to assist Georgia residents with federal marketplace plans must have Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) Certification and be licensed by the State of Georgia. The name of your Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace (GHIM) representative/agent will appear during your application and enrollment process and he can be reached at 404-975-3313.

Per C.F.R 156.200 (c) and C.F.R 156.225 (b), Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace (GHIM) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or health status in the enrollment and benefit determinations in the Federally Facilitated Health Insurance Marketplace (FFM), and although Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace (GHIM) enrolls consumers directly into the Federally Facilitated Health Insurance Marketplace (FFM), a consumer may instead choose to enroll using their own skills, methods and devices by going to



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