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This is a consumer friendly website, which means you will not get unwanted calls from insurance agents (this happens on other websites, but not on ours)

Our website enables Georgia consumers to privately search for quotes for: Under 65 ACA Plans and Over 65 Medicare Supplement Plans and then: Enroll directly via our federally certified partner quoting/enrollment tool

When a consumer gets a quote and enrolls on our website, you'll get a secure confirmation directly from the insurance company that will be insuring you.

UNDER 65 AFFORDABLE CARE ACT PLANS FOR GEORGIA (You can get a quote and enroll on this website) : Alliant Health, Ambetter, BlueCross/BlueShield, Kaiser. Open Enrollment Period is (11/01/2017-12/15/2017). For Special Enrollments (which can be very tricky) you may want to call us at 404.975.3313. 

OVER 65 MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT PLANS FOR GEORGIA (You can get a quote and enroll on this website): These plans are available to you:  BlueCross/BlueShield, Cigna, Humana, Mutual of Omaha and United Healthcare. The Annual Enrollment Period is 10/15/2017 -12/07/2017. For those about to or have just turned 65 you may enroll at anytime. 

GROUP PLANS (Please call us at 404.975.3313) with Aetna,  Aliera,  BlueCross/BlueShield,  Cigna,  Humana,  Kaiser and United Healthcare. Group Plan enrollments are available throughout the year. NOTE: To employees: You may want to read our  Special Message From Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace further on down the page of our website. It could be important to you. 

LOW COST ALTERNATIVE INDIVIDUAL HEALTH PLANS INCLUDING AFFORDABLE CARE ACT EXEMPT AND IRS COMPLIANT PLANS (Please call us at 404.975.3313) including: (1)  Affordable Care Act (ACA) Exempt Plans; (2) Catastrophic Plans; (3) Comprehensive Plans; (4) Dental and Vision Plans; (5) PrimaCare (DPCMH) Plans; (6) Senior Medical Care Plans; (7) Short Term Medical Plans , please go to this website where you can also enroll directly into an alternative plan and enrollments in any of these Alternative Individual Health Plans (including ACA Exempt Plans) is available throughout the year. 

IMPORTANT: If you are getting an under 65 Individual/Family rom our website here, please be sure to use your household size and household income per your 2016/2017 tax return. Your monthly federal subsidy is not based on the number to be insured

If you still need help with quoting/enrollment, please feel free to call us at: 

(Atlanta office: 404.975.3313) or (Toll free: 800.976.1401)


Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace (GHIM) provides Georgia residents with the ability to Get a Quote and Enroll in either an ON-Exchange or an OFF-Exchange federally approved Qualified Health Plan available in the state of Georgia.

This service is provided through a federally approved and federally integrated “Enrollment Partner Website” licensed to Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace (GHIM) by QUOTIT.

When a Georgia resident clicks Get a Quote and Enroll this secure federally approved and federally integrated system will ask the Georgia resident to complete the following:.



Georgia consumers who aren't enrolled in an employer sponsored health plan are facing the highest rate hikes in Georgia’s history and these rate increases are among highest in the nation. This is a disturbing statistic particularly since Georgia already ranks as having the 4th highest uninsured rate in the country.

Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace is pro-actively trying to minimize the damage by also offering Georgia consumers the following: 

(a) Two  (2) Low-Cost Affordable Care Act (ACA) exempt and IRS compliant MEC ("Minimum Essential Coverage)" Plans.A minimum of only 3 full-time and/or part-time employees need to enroll for the Plan to recognize the employer as a group.

(b) One (1) Low-Cost ACA / IRS / ERISA compliant Level-Funded QHP ("Qualified Health Plan") Plan. A minimum of only 25 full-time and/or part-time employees need to enroll in order for the Plan to recognize the employer as a group.

(You may view a short VIDEO of the LOWEST COST PLAN ("Basic" MEC/Minimum Essential Coverage) Employer MEC Group Covergaee Plan (HealthPassUSA) OF THESE 3 PLANS by clicking our link below:

The 3 employer plans above are not available on our individual/family quoting website. However, with very minimal and completely anonymous (if you wish) help from you, Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace may be able to help you enroll in at least 1 of these 3 low-cost employer plans.

If you or a family member are a full-time and/or part time employee in a company that does NOT have an employer health plan OR if you or a family member are a part-time employee in a company that DOES have a health plan but you aren't participating…..,..we politely suggest that you may want to anonymously (or not) help us to fast-track your employer so that your company might offer at least 1 or 2 or 3 of these low cost ACA/IRS compliant plans.

If you anonymously (or not) provide Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace with the name and phone number of your company, we will make a polite and professional courtesy call to ask your company if we have their permission to simply email them comprehensive information on these 3 low cost ACA/IRS compliant employee health plans. If your company is interested, they'll then email Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace a "Request for Proposal" included in our original email to them

Georgia consumers without an employee health plan have 3 choices. (1) Go uninsured and face the harsh IRS household penalties. (2) Enroll in an individual and family marketplace plan and accept the rate hikes or (3) Help us to help your company provide a low-cost solution to this enormous state wide crisis. Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace is doing everything to help Georgia consumers have affordable health insurance. With very little effort, maybe you can do your part too.

Please either call us at 404.975.3313 or 800.976.1401 or e-mail us at [email protected]

Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace  helps Georgia residents throughout the year. In Georgia, those granted permission to assist Georgia residents with federal marketplace plans must have Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) Certification and be licensed by the State of Georgia. The name of your own dedicated Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace representative will appear during your application and enrollment process and he can be reached at 404-975-3313.

Per C.F.R 156.200 (c) and C.F.R 156.225 (b), Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace (GHIM) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or health status in the enrollment and benefit determinations in the Federally Facilitated Health Insurance Marketplace (FFM), and although Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace (GHIM) enrolls consumers directly into the Federally Facilitated Health Insurance Marketplace (FFM), a consumer may instead choose to enroll using their own skills, methods and devices by going to



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