When my brother told me how much you had helped him and his wife, I was so glad you were able to help me. ObamaCare has been such a blessing to me and I love you for this. There are so many of us who’ve slipped through the cracks and I think you’re doing such a wonderful thing by helping so many people.
God bless you.
— Ellen McCrae, Moreland Georgia
Before the end of 2013, I began looking for health insurance. I had so many unanswered questions about the health insurance marketplace. I am a sufficient internet searcher, yet I was unable to find the information I needed to make a decision or choose the best health insurance. I was referred to you via a family friend. You asked me a few simple questions and then you enrolled me. You were so very helpful and I am so glad you were there. Thank you so much.
— Ms. Tee Body, Covington, Georgia
You saved us so much money from what we were paying for group insurance. I’d have never believed this was possible and we feel so blessed. We’ve both had complete physicals and it didn’t cost us anything. Thank you so much.
— Michelle and Wilbur Forts, Ellenwood Georgia
I have been using that insurance card so much and I don’t know what I’d done without it. I told other people about you too.
— Eddy Lynn Blackstone, Blythe, Georgia
I am so glad you explained everything to me. I ended up needing some major surgery, and then another time too, and I’ve seen the bills. I could have never done this. I don’t know what would have happened. I haven’t been billed for my deductible yet but I already know how small it is. And thank you for always calling me back.
— A. Wayne Bell, Lithonia, Georgia

My policy became effective when I was still in the hospital and my Obama Care plan paid for all of my claims from that day on. This has been such a blessing for us. Thank you so much for working so hard. Obama care works and so do you!
— Dee Ann Gardner, Jonesboro, Georgia
Everything that you said would happen really did happen and I’ve gone to the doctor a lot of times too and so far everything’s working out good and I don’t have an insurance payment either. You were 1000% right.
— William Smith, Newnan Georgia
I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me by enrolling me into Obama Care. I don’t have any insurance payment and I’ve been to the doctor and have gotten a free physical and I feel so blessed that I finally have some really good insurance. Obama Care has been a real blessing to me and you were so very helpful. God bless you for helping out those who have fallen through the cracks.
— Jo Ann McGruder, Newnan, Georgia
On a scale of 1 – 10, I’m giving you an 11. I had to go to the emergency room and I’ve see the Doctor 3 times and my son is getting some counseling too. Everything is working out good.
— Jessie Calloway, Ellenwood, Georgia
You worked really hard for me and you helped me to understand everything too. I love Obama Care and I love my plan and I love you for all of the good things you are doing for people like me. God bless you.
— Teresa Elder, Decatur, Georgia

I feel so good knowing I’ve finally got some good insurance. I never could have afforded something this good. God bless you for doing what you do.
— Deborah Perry-Griffin, Waynesboro, Georgia
I needed my insurance when I hurt my leg real bad and the surgery was so expensive but ObamaCare paid nearly everything. I feel so blessed and thank you for helping me. You’re doing good things for people.
— Barbara Williams, Stockbridge, Georgia
I’m so happy what you’ve done for me and Harvey and it all worked out and you were so good to us.. God bless you and the work you do.
— Deborah Wymbs, Powder Springs, Georgia
You were very helpful to me and Dot and I was really glad that you were able to help my sister too.. I feel like I have a new friend.
— Willie Hill, Moreland, Georgia
You’ve been good about getting back to me and I know care. God bless you.
— Charlotte Hayes, Nicholls Georgia

Thanks for helping me. I really appreciate it. I don’t have a health insurance payment and I’m looking forward to that free physical too.
— Stephen Kemp, Marietta, Georgia
We haven’t had to use our insurance yet but we wanted to let you know how good it feels to have something we can rely on if things go bad for us, and our rate is almost unbelievable. Thank you so much for helping us.
— Joy Tucker, Bremen Georgia
Things worked out just like you said.. Everything is fine. Very fine.
Thank you.
— Greg Smith, College Park, Georgia
Thank you for always being so nice. I hadn’t used my card yet, but I’m glad.
— Debra Otto, Trenton, Georgia
That card will come in real handy. I get a free physical. Very helpful.
— Lee Elder, Decatur, Georgia

It was hard to believe when I got my first payment due…nothing! I haven’t used my card yet but I appreciate what you’ve done and I’m filling out some forms for our new Doctor anyway.
— Terry Mock, Blackshear Georgia
I really appreciate the way you explained everything and how you followed through when I had a question. It’s been comforting and I appreciate the way you do things. I’ve used my card and it works great.
— Sharon Bynum, Atlanta Georgia
I love my insurance and the low co-pay and the low payment.
Thank you so much.
— Whitney Barlow, Atlanta, Georgia
I’m recommending you to a friend.
— Alexis Cadwell, Riverdale, Georgia